Blossom! Prunus Kojo no mai is one of the prettiest blossoms in my opinion. What’s your favourite blossom?


A good friend of mine had her birthday, so I gave her a pot of jam made from the plums from this fine tree – Prunus ‘Marjorie’s Seedling’. Many of the gardens I design have practical as well as ornamental functions, and this is a wonderful example of how both purposes can be fulfilled without compromise.


When choosing trees, it’s a big investment, so think of how the tree will look throughout the year. This Prunus x cerasifera Nigra – Ornamental Cherry – looks stunning in the early spring with frothy pale pink blossom, then the birds love it later in the year when it produces tiny cherries, and I have placed this particular specimen so that it catches the light of the setting sun, which shines through the dark foliage, setting it on fire!


This little Viburnum tinus is so wonderful, I make no excuses for posting lots of pictures of it. It first blossomed in the early spring, whilst still covered in frost! It will continue to flower for some time yet, making it really earn its place in the garden.


No celebration of blossom would be complete without an Apple. This Malus was braving the very early spring sunshine when I snapped it last year. There are so many different types of apple, from crab to cookers, and all with lovely blossom. Apples are routinely grafted on to ‘rootstocks’ which control how big they will eventually grow. If you are careful about which rootstock you buy, you will almost certainly find one suited to your garden.

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