Central Flowerbed

This is one small part of a much large garden which is being tackled in stages – something that many of my clients do. Each project is part of the larger concept plan, so that it’s clear how every part fits in with the whole.

The brief was for a large, roughly teardrop shaped bed to lie down a slope, and to be a focal point for the views from the kitchen and living room windows.

The soil was heavy clay, and the site was subject to periodic waterlogging. However, the site was quite sheltered and sunny, so the choice of plants was still broad.

I chose a mix of shrubs and perennials, and climbers trained up obelisks for height. The design aimed to give interest mainly in the spring, summer and autumn, with structure remaining for winter interest.

The planting up took place in April, and the health and vigour of the plants (Supplied by Viridis – thanks!) can be seen clearly in the progress picture just a few months later.

The plants will continue to grow and fill out the bed in the years to come.