Courtyard Garden

The owners of this small courtyard garden wanted a space that would maximise the sun, retain a patio area, and also include space for their young child to play. I began by drawing up the existing garden to highlight the challenges, before moving on to offer a few different design options.



Here are the four options I gave the client after receiving the brief. Each of these options fulfils the brief, but in slightly different ways. In each, the proportions of lawn:planting:patio are roughly the same.



These SketchUp plans gave a better idea of what the garden would look like in 3d. I find these images really help clients visualise how the garden will look.




The final decision is made! The client chose a patio area and two planting areas either side of a kidney-shaped lawn island. They also chose a herringbone laying pattern, which was a great choice!




It was important for the client to retain the original materials from the previous garden, so all of the pavers were carefully saved and supplemented with matched reclaimed pavers from a local reclamation yard.



Plants were chosen that were available at the time the house was built, to give a cottage garden feel to the beds.



Before the work, there were three mature trees at the bottom of the garden, and rather a lot of mud! The trees remain, but with the addition of the lawn, beds, newly laid pavers and revamped fencing and of course, carefully planned planting.



This is the area in the garden that gets the most sun, so it made sense to create a feature of it so the clients can sit out and enjoy the sun.



No more muddy boots as this neat path leads straight to the back gate between the lawn and flower beds.



A small but beautiful garden, this courtyard will provide a space for the family to relax and play, and enjoy their plants as they grow and flourish over the years. Reclaimed materials and timeless plant choices create a carefully designed courtyard fully in keeping with the style of the house.