Courtyard Garden

This was an amazing project to work on. The clients had recently moved in, and wanted to make the garden a haven for them and their young child.


The garden was small – just a few metres in a rectangle. The survey showed up that the garden wasn’t quite square – it tapered towards the end, meaning that there weren’t any right angles. This happens quite often – even in new build gardens, so you have to be on your toes when you’re doing the survey!


I came up with four different uses of the space. I find that the most critical part of getting the design right – before you even start thinking about plants and lighting, and the other fun stuff – is nailing the use of space, and the flow. Without paying attention to these details, the garden simply won’t work.


The clients plumped for the kidney shaped lawn, and with very few amendments, I produced the final design.


The planting plan was based on the historic nature of the house – 1830s. I used only plants that would have been available then – but with the use of some modern cultivars for better disease resistance, for example with the roses. The right hand side of the garden was quite shady, so I used plants like ferns that would thrive there, and kept the sun loving plants for the other side.

This garden was built in record time by Mark from Cutting Hedge and planted by Caron from Ladybud Gardening. Both did an amazing job, and the clients were delighted, calling the new garden ‘life-changing’.