Garden Office

Like many people newly working from home, these clients had purchased a garden office, and wanted their garden to be redesigned so that it would blend in and be part of the garden.

Access to and from the office was paramount, so a path leads almost directly up the garden to it. Almost directly, because the challenge highlighted by the clients was that this was a long, thin garden, with little interest to draw them out into it.

They wanted a place to sit and eat, and for the garden to be wildlife friendly.

I created a covered dining area in the centre of the garden, both to break up the view to the end, and to create the illusion of the garden being much wider than it was. The path runs straight up to this dining area, and continues slightly to the left. I kept the formal lawn near the house, bordered with exuberant planting including lots of grasses – a client favourite.

I created a wildflower lawn further in, and introduced height with trees suitable for the size of garden. The planting here is looser, with lots of shrubs, bulbs and perennials.

I tucked in a greenhouse and compost bay, and found room for a seating area at the top of the garden, next to the new office. This should be the perfect place for the lunch-break, and a really good reason to explore right to the end of the garden.