Linear garden

This garden was narrow and shaded, and the linear design meant that there were few places to pause and relax.

  • Create a planting plan that would cope with the aspect and soil (heavy clay)
  • Create a seating area and a separate space for the new hot tub
  • Make the lawn more inviting
  • Introduce a water feature

Firstly, I interrupted the straight lines by widening a portion of the raised area and placing the new seating area with a pergola within this new space. The raised position allows a view over the fence to the hills beyond.

I also widened the lawn, making it into less of a linear run. In the plan there are stepping stones to allow access in poor weather. Making the lawn wider means that it is more of its own space and the grass cools and lifts the space, making it into a garden.

I placed the slate trickle fountain into the corner of the new area. This serves two purposes – firstly introducing sound and movement into the centre of the garden, and also a reminder of where the edge is!

The Planting incorporated the client’s favourite colours – blue, mauve and white. I even managed to find a blue rose that would thrive on clay.