As it was Valentine’s day at the weekend, I thought I’d present a series of lovely Roses. This picture is of a beautiful white rose, which I’ve tentatively identified as Rosa ‘Penelope’. The rose is a ‘semi-double, meaning that centre is open, giving pollinators access. The petals are in several layers, with a lovely ruffled edge. Whatever your needs in the garden, there’s a rose to suit.

What a beautiful colour! I captured this picture at a garden visit some years ago, and the name of this rose is lost – if anyone can help me identify it, please comment! It appears to be a ‘Shallow Cup’ rose, but whatever it is, the colour is amazing, and there are plenty of blooms to go round!

Rosa ‘Deep Secret’ – I have this in my garden, and the scent is heavenly! I often bring a bloom or two indoors to enjoy the heady fragrance. The picture doesn’t really do it justice – it is a deep, gorgeous red, and the petals are velvety soft. It grows into a lovely bush, and is happy in a border or as a feature plant.

Another rose I’ve only tentatively identified – as ‘Dame Judy Dench’ but what a beautiful colour! I remember the scent as being quite fresh and summery, and it’s a rose I’d love to have in my garden. Most modern rose cultivars thrive in full sun or partial shade, and will cope with most soils – given care. It’s worth picking out a rose for your garden – you won’t regret it!

This happy little rose was an impulse purchase from a garden centre, and it is only identified as ‘Patio Rose’. Humble, but not shy, this rose blooms profusely year on year, and there were blooms right up until the first frosts last year. It’s one of my favourites.

I hope you’ve found a rose to like in this week’s series. If you need any help choosing a rose – just get in touch!