Hi Everyone,

If you’re like me, you have been staring at your garden for a few weeks now (below is a picture of the peony that has been slowly opening over the last 2 weeks). If you love it and everything’s perfect, then congratulations…however, if you’ve decided to make some changes, then please read on.

I am offering a ‘remote’ design service – this is a pared down version of the full service, and is perfect for people who want a quick guide to improving their garden, some practical advice to get them started, or even a complete makeover but without the bells and whistles.

Everything is digital (I design on the PC) so I can show you your designs via an online meeting, and send them to you electronically.

The service is based on:

  • Your own measurements pictures and videos
  • An online meeting to discuss your brief

and includes:

  • A sketch to visualise your new garden
  • A colour design render
  • A measurements (setting out) plan
  • A plant list, colour-coded, by season and aspect
  • Estimated costings and a materials list

The initial discussion is free and has no obligation – so please get in touch if you’d like to make an investment in your outside space,

thanks, Kate


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