The snow really picks out the design of this stepped cascade. Good ‘bones’ in your design is critical to maintain interest in the garden when all colour is stripped out by the enveloping snow.
Running water stays liquid even in freezing conditions. This little stream in my local Country Park provides vital fresh water for local wildlife throughout the winter. Remember to top up your bird baths and makes holes in the ice in ponds to do the same in your gardens.
I love walking through the woods – the snow picks out every tiny branch and faded leaf. It is magical indeed! Remember to wrap up warm for your daily walk, but being in nature every day is worth a cold nose!
The tracery of the tiny high branches can clearly be seen when there are no leaves. Although this is woodland, having trees and structural shrubs in your garden provides interest for you, and cover and even food for visiting wildlife
Not snow, but a plant that looks like it’s covered in it! This Cornus kousa var. chinensis is a lovely plant that will grace any medium-sized garden, and the beautiful white flowers are worth waiting for.