Week 25 – Insect Week


It’s National Insect Week! Where would we be without Insects – in trouble. This week is all about celebrating the insects we share our gardens with, and owe so much to. First up – the Bumblebee – crucial pollinator. Have a wide range of plants in your garden, all year round if you can manage it to support these lovely beasts.

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It’s National Insect Week! This green or brown larvae is a voracious muncher of aphids – so leave the spray in the cupboard and wait for these little heroes to turn up and help you out. Establishing a balance in your garden may be a bit nerve-wracking as you see your plants damaged by aphids, but it’s worth giving nature a chance – because she’s much better at it than the bug sprays will ever be!

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It’s National Insect Week! Everyone loves a ladybird, and they really are the gardener’s friend, munching on aphids at every stage of their lives. Grow a wide variety of plants to provide food all year – and if you can, tolerate a few nettles – as this plant is where many insects lay their eggs. If you’d like me to design you an amazing and balanced wildlife area for your garden, just get in touch.

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It’s National Insect Week! I felt honoured that this Speckled Wood butterfly stayed still long enough for me to take this wonderful picture. If you want lots of butterflies in your garden, have a variety of open-flowered plants in your garden, let the grass – and even the weeds – grow a little longer, and leave that bug spray in the cupboard.

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