Week 35 – End of Summer



This week we officially move from summer to autumn. I don’t know about you, but whenever there’s a transition like this, I find I’m ready for it. At this time of year, I’m ready to pull on snuggly jumpers and admire the autumn leaf colours, and at the end of winter I’m very ready for spring buds and sunshine! This week I’m celebrating the designs I’ve completed this year. Today is a planting design I’ve never seen ‘in the flesh’ – but looks amazing now it is all planted up. I can’t wait to see it in one, three and even five years’ time.

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This tiny but perfect front garden just needed a few tweaks to bring out it’s potential – rendered here in SketchUp.

I hope you agree it’s going to be a stunning little garden.

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This was one of the best ‘simple is effective’ garden designs I’ve ever done. The brief was to provide a sitting area and interest in the garden, and to preserve the existing stunning standard Cotinus coggygria. I placed a walkway pergola to balance the dominant feature, and a sitting area directly opposite the front door. Simple, but perfect.

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What do you do when your garden suddenly increases in size? This lovely client called me in to link the established – beautiful – garden with the new awkwardly-shaped-shaded corner. I designed a seating area looking directly into the new garden, a winding path around the features of the new garden, including a new water-feature, and lots of shade-loving planting. Rendered in Twinmotion.

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