Winter Colour


Check out the colour on these stems! Although it may be snowing outside, the orange-red stems of Cornus alba ‘Sibirica’ stand out in contrast to the pure white. The young stems have the strongest colour, so cut a third of the oldest ones hard back in spring to get the best winter show.

Gripping! Hedera helix, or Common Ivy is sometimes thought to be a danger to walls – not so. It will not damage mortar in good condition. It is said to help with insulation, and cooling in summer, and the mature plant provides not only habitat but much needed late season food for pollinators. I love the variegated forms – they can be so pretty, and of course, being an evergreen, Ivy will provide colour all the year round.

Evergreens! They really earn their keep over winter. Popular and reliable, Choisya ternata is a staple in the winter garden for me. I love the lime green leaves, sturdy little white flowers, and I even like the scent! Pop a couple of evergreens into your planting plan, and you won’t regret it.
What collection of winter colour could be complete without the Christmas Rose? Helleborus niger struggles on through even the heaviest of snow, and seems to relish the challenge! They will come back every year, and if they are in the right place, they will spread. I do love them for their little bursts of colour in the grey.

I wish I was quicker with the camera, then I could have shown you the blackbirds that have been feasting on the berries of this lovely Pyracantha ‘Orange Glow’. I have one right outside my kitchen window, and it brightens up every dreary winter morning as I make my first cup of tea. I always make sure my planting plans have winter colour so my clients can enjoy their gardens all year round.

What’s your favourite winter plant? Let me know in the comments.