Week 41 – 11-15 October – Seed Gathering Season

Lathyrus Seed Pods

This month it’s Seed Gathering Season.

Who knows what these seeds are? A clue – they are highly scented, pea-like annual flowers with a climbing habit, and no cottage garden is complete without them. They are very easy to gather from the pods, but if you let them fall where they are, they’ll germinate and overwinter, and you’ll have really early flowers next year!

A: Sweet Peas – Lathyrus odoratum

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More Seeds! These are Nasturtium seeds – very easy to gather, as they just fall on the ground. Scatter them where you want a splash of colour!

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Hollyhock Seeds heads on the plant

Seed gathering season! These are hollyhock seeds, ripening up on the stalk. Another seed you can scatter where you’d like some colour, but best against a wall or other support.

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Campanula Seeds

Seed gathering continues! This little pic of Campanula (Canterbury Bells) seeds still in the seed head shows just how easy it is to gather seeds. I’ll admit that I’ve never grown Campanula from seed before, but there’s lots of them there, so I’m going to keep some to sow in trays in the spring, and scatter the others in my front garden – which has a cottagey theme. Wish me luck!

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Runner Beans

Gathering seeds isn’t just for flowers!

Some of these runner beans I harvested last week have beans forming inside the pods. I’ll select a few of the biggest, let them dry, and I’ll have runner beans to sow next year. Brilliant!

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