Kate Charles Garden Design Bulb Planting Season Tulips

Bulb Planting Season!

It is bulb-planting season! How do you choose amongst the hundreds of varieties and colours? The answer is – choose what you like. Choose what makes you happy. Choose lots! Bulbs are great at cheering up the dreary early spring, and providing little dots of colour. So, unless you are working to a very strict …

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Kate Charles Garden Design Worcester Signs of Spring Daffodils opening in bud

Signs of spring

This week, the weather is feeling warmer and more spring-like, and I certainly welcome the signs of new life in the garden. The bluetits are choosing their favourite nest box (they are a regular and welcome visitor to my garden) and sparrows have been spotted gathering nesting materials. There’s a great sense of anticipation, as …

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Red flower closeup, poinsettia, cuetlaxochitl

The 12 Plants of Christmas

The festive season would be somewhat soulless without the traditional plants of the season. Flowers, herbs, foliage, and spices which recall memories of Yuletides past, through sights, tastes and smells. The origins, history, and folklore of some of these traditional plants, though, might surprise you. Mistletoe (Viscum album) has long been revered as a symbol …

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Beautiful pink rose with multiple petals

What’s In A Name – Binomials and why they matter to every gardener.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet” William Shakespeare Indeed, it would. But if you were to ask for ‘daisies’ at the garden centre, you could be after Mexican fleabane, Shasta daisies, Marguerites, Common daisies, Ox-eye daisies, or a host of other daisy-like plants. …

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